We create events to put big ideas on stage and inspire those watching 


Insurance 3.0 has been called ‘The best InsurTech conference in the world’ and we plan to keep it that way.


What makes us different from all the other insurance conferences? Simply put, we create unforgettable experiences that not only connect people, but also drive engagement and involvement within the insurtech space.


The feedback that we continue to hear is that Insurance 3.0 is inspiring, informal but most importantly, full of endless business opportunities and contacts to be made.


Don’t just attend, participate in the future of InsurTech.


Africa 3.0 is a two day event which provides the first platform for tech startups specifically in health, agriculture, climate and frontier InsurTech to collaborate with incumbents on the subject of problems facing the insurance sector. Sealing the insurance gap requires development of new markets and the products to serve them  

An ecosystem of new partnerships between the tech sector, insurance and broader financial services is critical to deliver the enormous growth opportunities that serve the needs of the consumer and engage tech entrepreneurs, incumbents and investors alike. 


Africa 3.0 is that ecosystem and give its attendees and partners the chance to understand fully these opportunities,  meeting with the most exciting and impressive tech propositions in the market and building the partnerships of the future.


Our extensive experience in events allows us to collaborate with partners to deliver in-house experiences that can take shape in a variety of formats. We understand that some businesses prefer a softer marketing approach, so we have developed an event formula that helps our partners develop new business opportunities as well as nurturing current clients in a quality yet relaxed environment.